SurgiScan™ ULTRA 2D datamatrix barcode reader

Surgiscan 2D datamatrix barcode reader

Reads Difficult Codes Where Others Fail
The SurgiScan Ultra has been optimised to read the trickiest and most difficult codes even on shiny and curved surfaces. Surpassing the abilities of any other reader currently on the market. It can even read codes as small as 0.5mm x 0.5mm on surgical implants.

Bigger Reading Window, Smaller Footprint
With a diameter of 29mm, the Ultra has a much larger reading window compared to the original SurgiScan. The larger area allows you to locate codes much easier and operate the reader more efficiently.

Product Specifications:
Weight: 640g
Height: 95mm
Diameter 104mm
Reading window diameter: 29mm
PC requirements: Windows 7 or WIndows 10, 1 available USB port
Water Resistant: IP65